Massage Therapy

I think of the body as home.

Life calls us out to play in so many ways, and we often forget to come back home. Family, friends, jobs, home and school all have a great desire, and often demand, for our attention. While it can be a joy to be with those we love, the engagement with our outer world can pull us away from our centers. Over time, this can be a source of stress, if we do not take the time to come back home. 

The bodywork I offer is a tool to assist you in remembering what it means to come back to your body. It reconnects you with your tissue, blood and neurology. Massage helps us bring our attention to our inner sense of our body through touch. In Eastern medicine there is a saying, "Energy follows attention and blood follows energy."  When we bring our attention back inside, our energy attends internally, and the physical body responds.

At the beginning of your appointment, we will have a brief check-in where you can tell me of anything that is going on in your body, places you feel tension or pain. Each session is unique, and you will decide whether you prefer me work to on a specific area or if you would rather have a full massage. 

Most massages are scheduled for an hour, though longer and shorter sessions are available. Contact me for an appointment.


How wonderful it is to nourish our physical presence in the world, being more fully in our bodies as we move in our lives and relationships.