Computer Break Meditation Series only 30 Seconds!!

I go through times when I spend way too much time looking at a computer screen.  Even when I can feel the need for a break, I keep on working.

I want to take care of my body, and I want a way to do so that will fit into the way I work when I am at the computer for long periods. It is out of that desire to find ways to take care of my body during those intense times that this meditation series is born.

Each meditation is short and simple (shorter than most trips to the bathroom!) The meditation is simple enough to listen to once, and then use throughout your day without having to re-listen to the meditation. Yet even if you forget what it was, it only takes 30 to listen again!

Bringing your attention home to your body is a healing practice.  And being able to do so throughout your day, even for a moment, makes a difference!

When you purchase this series, you will receive your meditation in an email each day.