Meditations Moment by Moment

When we bring our attention back into our body, to something that we feel physically, the body has a moment to regroup, and relax. The momentary disengaging from the outer world, and re-engaging with ourselves, our body, is a healing practice.

So often we don’t realize that our shoulders are tight or we are not breathing very deeply. Yet over time, we can become more and more aware of what is going on within. We continue on our way and the tension becomes a habit. After a while, the body is working in a level of stress all the time. Tight muscles are firing 24/7, never fully resting, our adrenal glands are overworking, our digestion is affected. It can be exhausting!

However, as we check in, even for a moment, we grow our awareness of what is going on below our thinking. As our awareness grows, we develop a relationship with our body, a conversation. We begin to listen, because we have learned what to listen for...our shoulders are starting to tighten, we are not breathing deeply enough we are beginning to crease our brow.

Eventually, these are our habits....we are suddenly just taking a deep breath because the body wants more oxygen, we stretch arms overhead, never knowing the muscle was starting to get tight. we see something that makes us smile without realizing that our foreheads were starting to tighten.

Lasting change happens in small moments over time.

These very brief, daily meditations are to use through your day, whenever the thought occurs. Each one lasts only a minute. May they serve you well.


Daily Meditations $10/mo