To receive Deborah Doyle’s bodywork is a special gift to myself. The way her hands communicate with my body is extraordinary. They seem to be listening and understanding a language I myself cannot hear. As a result, not only my muscles but also my organs, tissues, and fluids feel deeply met by her touch and attention. Her presence is profound, as she tunes in to an unspoken dialogue with my physical body at the same time as she sees how this network of synapses is impacting and connecting to my emotional and spiritual worlds. Deborah is a highly gifted healer, and we who lie on her table receive far more than deep relaxation as she tends to us on all the many levels of Body, Mind, and Soul that she so easily accesses!
— Ona Sachs, New York
I have sat down a few times over the last few days attempting to write what The Work means to me and the impact it has had on my life but nothing seems to come close to describing its simplicity, and the power it has in decreasing stress while simultaneously increasing my peace and joy.
You facilitated me like water…calm, smooth and safe. I sensed your peace. I felt comfortable to share some of the most dark places of my life with you. I want to thank you for being an inspiring facilitator.
— Mark Venckeleer, California
Receiving massage with Deborah, I leave energized. She works on one part of my body, and the rest of my body reaps the benefits.
She brings an intuition when working, listens to what the body says and gives reverence it. Working with Deborah is definitely worth it.
— Carla Sadoff, New York
I recently had the privilege to be facilitated by Deborah Doyle daily for a month in The Work of Byron Katie. Deborah provided a safe, supportive space as she helped me to go more deeply into my stories, and get to know the power The Work has to heal and liberate. Our sessions were deeply moving. I experienced intense breakthroughs and discovered courage and peace I didn’t know I had! I thank Deborah for her guidance, acceptance and sense of humor.
— Mary Lummis, New York
Dear Deborah,
Bodywork with you is truly an unequalled experience. You so warmly invited my body, mind and spirit to relax, release and be renewed. The union of your gentle, guided touch and insightful wisdom is a blessing and a gift.
Thank you, Deborah!
— Naomi Call, California - teacher, healing consultant and author of "Fountain of Youth Exercises" and "Yoga in Bed."
I found Deborah through a dear friend of mine and it was the best “find” I have ever had. As an chronic asthmatic, and having taken lots of prescription medication over the years, I am always congested and that congestion accumulates in my chest and sides, etc. Deborah would work gently to break up the mucus so it would drain. She has a complete understanding of the anatomy and can “feel” the issues in the body. I recommend weekly visits to her as a matter of course. She is extremely knowledgeable and one of the best massage therapists I have ever been to.
— Mary Ann Moran, Connecticut
If you are a seeker of love and truth you can be sure that Deborah will join you, fearless, wherever you are at, with all her patience and attention.
She trusts in your answers, and if you trust in her questions there is no limit to freedom and insights. Deborah has a maternal caring that will guide you through “The Work”…firm and loving.
— José Salgado, Mexico City
I have had the pleasure of being treated by Deborah during a time of health crisis and considerable pain. Her consistently compassionate presence combined with her skillful hands, were a significant part of my healing journey.
— Cheryl Luft, Massachusetts
Deborah is an unbelievably dedicated and gifted massage therapist. Her talents far exceed her physical touch as she is guided by her nurtured intuition. Deborah is completely in tune with your body’s needs and I know I am going to get exactly what I need from a session with her. I have received much healing touch and guidance while being on Deb’s table and I look forward to working with her every time I visit the Hudson Valley area. If you want to heal symptoms and their underlying causes, both physically and emotionally, I highly recommend working with Deborah.
— Blair, Long Island
Deborah is genuine, direct, gentle, loving in her manner.
I knew I was accepted by her.
And “tended to” in a generous way.
Her healing energy is such an integral part of who and how she is in her life that I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed.
Her ministrations were by touch and more directly, to that part of me that needed attention on an energetic level. What does that mean? I can tell you what it felt like … her hands were touching my neck and the back of my head. The “relief” from pain and tension occurred in many other parts of my body as well.
Better yet, the relief held. I was still comfortable days later.
— Carol Ramsey, Massachusetts