...is to speak the simple truth.

and yet it is so easy to be so eager…..searching high and low for the palatable truth,
weaving a long and winding fantasy to offer an optimistic truth,
or taking you on a long convoluted journey to soften the truth.

…it is not a desire to lie.

Rather, it is an addiction to harmony.
A constant eye on the waters between us for the slightest ripple
 …ready to change course rather than create a disturbance.

Yet, what is more disturbing than a conversation on shifting sands?
What moves further from the truth than those constant accommodations?

The simple truth cannot live in that quagmire of harmony.

It promises nothing.
It insists on speaking those un-nameable undercurrents.
It refuses to turn a blind eye to what is supposed to remain under the carpet.
It will not collude in family secrets.

It speaks a language I have not yet learned the vocabulary for.


AuthorDeborah Doyle