Yesterday I walked a client out to the porch and as soon as we stepped outside we both inhaled deeply. We could smell the rain coming. What struck me was that It has been raining off and on a lot these last few weeks, and this scent of rain had not happened even once, until yesterday.

Had I just not noticed it before?


You know this scent of rain. It cannot be missed.

So why yesterday? Is it a particular type of rainstorm approaching? I don't know the answer to that. I just know as I breathed it in, my body relaxed and I smiled. 

Today as I write this there is a small patch of beautiful green, speckled with a few small places of deep red right outside my window. Wild strawberries. Every now and again a leaf will dance as a drop of rain bounces off.

I am again struck by the ease that fills my body when I take the time to savor the depth of nourishment that comes from just a moment of indulging my senses in the Beauty of the Simple things that surround me.

AuthorDeborah Doyle